Sunday, 26 March 2017


Image result for superstition black catWe are all familiar with the common superstitions like the black cat, opening an umbrella indoors or walking underneath a ladder. Therefore, I decided to share a few of the well known superstitions in South Africa.

1. Children at Funerals
Children are not to attend funerals, the reason being that spirits (good or bad) are attracted to children. When a child attends a funeral, a spirit might follow them home.

2. The Hadeda

Hadeda ibis in the grass, with clean green background, Kenya, Africa

The hadeda is a beautiful bird, with an obnoxious call. It is the South African equivalent to a raven with its ominous call. It is believed that when a hadeda “calls”, someone around that area will die. The call of the hadeda is very catchy but imitating or answering its call should guarantee your death.

3. A Twitching Eyelid
A twitching eyelid is apparently a bad omen. It’s believed that when your eyelid twitches, tragedy will befall you. A twitching eyelid is an omen of a great tragedy that will cause you many tears.

4. Foggy or Dirty Mirrors
Ghost in Haunted House
A mirror obscured by dirt or fog is apparently bad luck. There are many reasons behind it: loss of wealth, a death of the person who looks into it, or general bad luck.

5. Singing or Whistling at Night
Singing or whistling at night this isn’t a very widespread superstition, and I am not exactly sure why it’s frowned upon. I believe it is a way to call spirits into the house, whether these spirits are good or bad is beyond me, but no one wants an uninvited guest.

Creepy doll face

Those are just some of the superstitions I am aware of.

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Are you superstitious why or why not?

Do you know about any superstitions in your country or culture?

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Band of the Week: Forever Still

Forever Still

Name: Forever Still

Gernre: Rock / Metal

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Band Members:

Current line-up
Others bands/comments
Maja Partsch : Guitar [since 2016]
Mikkel Haastrup : Guitar, Bass, Keyboard [since 2010]
Dennis Stockmarr : Drums [since 2016], Heidra
Maja Schonning : Vocals, Keyboard [since 2010]

Past members
Others bands/comments
Dennis Post : Guitar [2010-2016]
Anders Bo Jespersen : Guitar [2010-2016], guest member
         Jens Berglid : Drums [2010-2014]

Image result for forever still youtube

Forever still is a rock/ metal band from Denmark. what I particularly love about them is the lead singer’s (Maja) voice. Forever still recently signed to Nuclear Blast, however before that they had self released a few Eps and one album.

Maja has a beautiful voice and I've loved this band since high school.
I particularly love the songs:

Awake the Fire

And Scars

You can get free music on their Bandcamp page here:.

If you know any other bands you think I should listen too let me know, I love discovering new music.